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The Secret Pathway to Healing

by Linda Drake


Through the guidance of "The Secret Pathway to Healing" book, you 
can create the life you desire. As a co-creator with God, you specifically designed this lifetime for the advancement of your soul’s journey. 
Discover the issues you have chosen for this lifetime and embrace the tools to overcome them. How do issues such as judgment, control or abandonment (just to name a few) influence your relationships or the success of your career? Many of you subconsciously sabotage your relationships and opportunities for success with negative beliefs and patterns.

This book empowers you through knowledge and tools to take responsibility and achieve the life that you desire. Discover the issues that you have chosen to experience and identify how these issues are controlling the life you are creating. Through the awareness of these issues and the tools for recovery, you are able to take back your power and create the relationships and life that you desire.

We often wonder if we are destined to live a challenging life of financial struggle OR unhappy relationships? The answer is NO!

The knowledge in this book was channeled from the Abraham Group and the individuals that we have worked with share their stories of success.

The Secret Pathway to Healing

by Linda Drake

The Life Plan- The Choices and Challenges of Your Issues

In the beginning, the Divine Source, which I will refer to as God, created the heavens and the earth. 

Next was His biggest challenge: creating humanity. 

Each soul that God creates is an aspect of God, divinely created in all of God’s perfection. The harmony and accordance of God’s creation goes beyond our meager understanding.

However, I am told by Spirit that God bestowed upon humanity the ability to co-create. Of course, none of us can create as our God created the heavens and the earth. But each of us has the ability to create within our own lives. In other words, we were given free will.

Free will not only involves choosing our own path, but the free will to make choices along the way and to take responsibility for those choices. 
Many of you have come to the point in your lives where you are searching for your life’s purpose, questioning why you are here. Over time these same questions have been asked by millions of people, so don’t think that you are alone in your search - nor are you alone when you feel stuck and frustrated with where you are in your life. This feeling of frustration is created by your spirit/higher-self so that you will begin searching for answers, prompting you to begin making changes to the negative patterns in your life that are no longer working. 

The idea, as I am told by Abraham, is for humans, before they are born, to design a blue print for their life, their own Life plan. 

But there are some guidelines. You are required to have a purpose, and the issues you chose to work on in this lifetime dictate that purpose. Your life plan will hold many options and choices that you will make throughout your life. 

These choices could take your life in many different directions; you are in charge and this is how you create the path you will follow. As humans, we like to blame our challenges on God’s will, but he didn’t create those challenges - we did. The issues you will work with are decided upon before you enter this life. 

The Secret Pathway to Healing

by Linda Drake