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Reiki III/master level Class Description

Students receive the Master Attunement which opens all energy centers, training in use of Master level energy, the Master Symbol, techniques that Linda has been taught by Spirit in raising your vibration and accessing the highest levels of Reiki energy. Learning to receive and channel messages from your guides and the guides or the client.

Through your Reiki 3 attunement you are connected with a new Reiki master guide to assist you with the transition from student to master level.  The student is released to be guided by this higher vibrations energy and the master guide for their life and their work as a Reiki 3/master.

The step into the master level is taken very seriously by Linda as she has accepted the spiritual responsibility of advancing you to the master level. Not all candidates will be accepted as they may not be ready on a vibrational level.  Linda communicates with your Reiki Guide as to the correct timing for this advancement of your vibrational level, as it will transform both the students spiritual journey and physical life.  As a Reik master and teacher Linda will award the certificate upon satisfactory completion of all requirements and demonstration of competency in all aspects of the practice of Reiki.

The student must have received a minimum of Reiki II level of Usui Reiki training and personal attunement by a Reiki master. The student must be comfortable with using each of the of Reiki II Symbols, self-treatment flow, and healings for others. Because Mastery comes only with experience, we strongly recommend a full year practicing Reiki before entering this level of training. . The transition that occurs through the Reiki 3/master attunement creates and energy within your life that typically opens you up to a higher level of awareness and will often present unaddressed issues as an opportunity to advance on your souls journey. This shift of consciousness may create a temporary challenge yet presents the master with unlimited opportunities.

Pre-Requisites: Usui Reiki I & II Class through a certified Reiki master teacher.  A minimum of 9-12 months of working with Reiki is necessary to have the level of experience to get the most from this class.  If you are considering taking this class Linda recommends you work with the Reiki energy and working with the healing of your life issues as much as possible prior to the class to best prepare you for the energetic transition.