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Reiki I & II: 
Reiki (Ray-Key)

Reiki I & II: 
Reiki (Ray-Key)means "universal life force energy." It is a technique for transmitting healing vibrational energy to yourself and others through your hands with light touch or no touch. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Reiki restores the natural energy balance in the body, provides deep relaxation; evoking a sense of peace and well being; brings mental clarity, insights and vivid images; compliments the healing properties of other medical treatments and therapies. It connects you to a higher consciousness bringing balance and knowledge of your intuitive gifts.

Linda’s comments: I’ve been taught by Spirit about the importance of Reiki for humanity. It is the most amazing gift that you can give yourself. I speak from experience as it changed my life. It is a healing energy that comes from God, the divine source. Our physical bodies are designed by God with the purpose of channeling this healing energy to maintain our own physical, emotional and mental well-being. Through training and an in-person attunement by a Reiki Master, you are able to transmit or channel this amazing energy through your physical body for the benefit of your own health as well as others. You are then connected with the Reiki guides that will begin working with you to channel this energy for the highest good of all.

My Reiki classes are quite unique, as I teach not only the traditional Reiki methods of healing but I include knowledge of healing that I have been taught from Spirit over the past 18 years. I teach people to fulfill their purpose as healers and others to take responsibility for the balance and well-being of their lives.

The class includes: Reiki manual, instruction, Reiki I & II attunements, hand-on training and practice time. The classes are limited to 8 students to provide you with individual instruction.