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You have helped me so much with my grief over my grandparents that raised me and told me things that only my grandparents and I would know. So I know the information you have given me from my grandparents on the other side is true. You give very detailed information from our loved ones on the other side which confirms you are real.
Also after having my cards read by you, I have been able to work on some personal things in my life, especially regarding my "birth mother". I have a lot of self healing to do, but you have given me many tools to work with and I appreciate that so much. I have become more aware of signs from the other side and I am learning to accept my past and to forgive. I am starting to have this big weight lifted off my shoulders ever since I have talked with you.

- TW, Austin

"Linda Drake is the REAL thing and a very nice lady too!"

- Rose McGowan- Actress on TV series "Charmed"

Thank you for such an insightful and informative session.

- Teri, Santa Fe

Since my visit with you and life has been changed so much.  I now walk with my head held higher and my heart richer and my soul on a more determined path for a journey that will lead me to places I have always dreamed of.  I prayed for someone to come into my life and help me to clarify my guide me to the path of healing and now I am on my way.

- L.Reid

My mother passed away a week ago, she suffered the last 2 months from terminal cancer, when I found out about her disease, I started to read your book, (spanish version) "Comunicacion desde el mas alla. " Your book helped me in getting ready for her final, day, hours and moment. Your book teaches about death and soul. It helps to understand death better and not to be afraid of it. Thank you.

- Spears

I really enjoyed your book. I lost my son recently and have been desperately reading and searching. I found great comfort in your book, Thank you.

- Kathy

My husband and I would like to once again thank you for the reading you gave us.  It helped to clarify some of the things we have been
sensing and feeling about the presence of our son in our lives even though he has crossed over.

- Barbara. PA

The information you gave me today has explained many things especially to how I have been feeling!

I am honored to know you and tremendously appreciative of you! Words cannot truly express what I feel!  Thank you!

- Kathy, Austin,Tx.

THANK YOU! for what you do.  You have this amazing gift superimposed on a warm, friendly, and charming personality that oozes with honesty and caring.

- Sue Stevens. SF CA

The book spoke to the deepest parts of me....confirmations of all that I deeply believe in my heart and so needed for such a time in my life. (Reaching Through the Veil to Heal)

- Maureen, Honolulu, HA